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1955 chevrolet - model 210 - 2 door sedan

     "Anna", named after  her first owner, Anna May McLellan, is a 1955 model
     210 Chevrolet that was purchased new from Jack Marshall Motors, Ltd.,
     New Westminster, British Columbia on March 22, 1955.  The purchase price
     including license, registration, sales tax, and even a push button radio was

     Although Miss McLellan and I both grew up in the same Dunbar Heights
     area of Vancouver, it was through our working relationship that we first came
     to know each other in 1958.  "Anna" was three years old at the time.

     Somewhere in the vicinity of 1972, I inquired as to the possibility of Anna
     May parting with her '55 Chev and was told that if and when this ever
     happened  I would be the first to know. Anna May, being the lady she is, kept
     her promise, and in August 1975 I was indeed the first person to learn of her
     interest in acquiring a new automobile.  Shortly thereafter, the transfer of
     registration was made and "Anna" started her new life as retired Classic

     At the time of purchase, "Anna" was mechanically sound.  In fact, to this
     day, I have never spent more than the price of a regular oil change in
     maintaining her mechanical stability.

     "Anna's" interior was, as it is today, near perfect and other than wiping clean
     the original rubber floor mats the interior of this car has never been cleaned.
     It is indeed, totally original.

     "Anna's" exterior, however, was a bit drab and although she was garaged
     regularly, 20 years of Vancouver sun, coupled with a lack of Simonize had
     dulled her youthful brilliance.  She was indeed showing definite signs of aging.

     Perhaps this is a good time to mention that up until the time of purchase, I
     had never been involved or ever attended any sort of car related function.  I
     merely purchased "Anna" for a second vehicle and because of my
     appreciation for the fine styling of the remarkable automobile.

     In the two years that followed (1975-77) my wife and I cleaned away the
     heavy accumulation of dirt and road tar that had settled in "Anna's" engine
     compartment and undercarriage.  Then, like most amateur restoreers, we
     anxiously arranged for a new coat of paint.

     By the Spring of 1977, "Anna" was indeed looking very spiffy in her new gold
     and white colors.  Evidence of her serene beauty was noted when, in August
     1977, we attended our first ever Classic Chevy car show near in Mount
     Vernon, Washington.  The show organizers encouraged us to enter "Anna"
     (we came as spectators) and the following afternoon we were awarded the
     "First Place" award for 1955 stock vehicles.  We were hooked and we knew

     In 1980 I accepted a company transfer to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  It was
     during our 18 month stay in this fine city that we decided to strip "Anna" of
     her decency by removing her present coat of paint and replacing it with the
     original Autumn Bronze and Shoreline Beige combination that she had so
     long enjoyed.  This job was magnificently accomplished by Mid West Auto
     Body of Saskatoon.  Their quality workmanship was quickly recognized
     when, only two weeks after completion, "Anna" entered the Draggins 24th
     Annual Custom Car Show and won both "First Place" in her classification
     plus the special award for "Best Painted" car in the show.

     Several months later, I accepted another transfer and for the second time in
     two years "Anna" enjoyed a pleasant trip via United Van Lines to her new
     home in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Since her arrival in Winnipeg, "Anna" has
     appeared in numerous car shows where she has been accompanied by the
     following sign:

                                HI THERE!
                                      My name is Anna.  I was named
                                after my first owner who drove me
                                with great respect for 20 years.
                                     After my present owner purchased
                                me in August, 1975, he cleaned up my
                                engine compartment and gave me a
                                new custom paint job.
                                     Quite often I hear people asking my
                                owner where he obtained a new original
                                floor mat for me and he tells them, with
                                a certain pride, that my interior is
                                completely original.  In fact, my floor
                                mat has never been lifted for dusting.
                                     Back in 1955 when I was a young
                                "210", I never dreamed that I would
                                someday appear at a Classic Car Show
                                with all the beautiful "Bel Airs".  I was
                                pretty nervous at first but now I'm
                                getting used to everyone staring at me.
                                People are so friendly and sometimes I
                                hear them whisper nice things about me.
                                     Thanks for stopping by now and
                                have a nice "Chevy" day.


     And, that's pretty well it.  "Anna's" first owner, Anna May McLellan retired in
     1981.  She still lives in the same house in Vancouver that she did as a child
     and she still drives the same Chevy that she purchased in 1975.  However, to
     quote Anna May from one of her earlier letters, "I have so far owned three
     cars and can honestly state that it was the 1955 Chev. from which I derived
     the most pleasure and pride."

     "Anna" presently resides in a comfortable garage with two sister Chevy's.
     One is a 1956 Bel Air Sport Coupe and the other is a 1957 Bel Air 4 door
     sedan.  All three cars are original restored vehicles and together they provide
     us with a great deal of pleasure.

                                 "HAVE A NICE CHEVY DAY"

Note:  This story appeared in the Jan. 1986 issue of "Classic Chevy World".

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