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     I'll answer that question by saying "Just another guy who enjoys the nostalgic
     memories of the 1950's".  But then, you read my introductory remarks so
     you already know that.

     I will confess to the fact that I am a collector.  I always have been and I
     suspect I always will be.  My current interest in petroleum collectibles is a
     direct result of my long time interest in the mid fifties Classic Chevrolets.  It
     all began in 1975 when I acquired what proved to be a prize winning 1955
     Chev from a fellow co-worker.  (See "The Story of Anna")

     If you're anything like me and admit to being a "Collector" then you will
     understand and appreciate the special feeling that is associated with finding
     another prized possession.  And if you don't know what I'm talking about
     then perhaps this is something you can look forward to.

     Unfortunately, the thrill of finding a new treasure is very short lived and we
     quickly find ourselves in the same position we were earlier - "Still looking".
     That is why I respect, more than anything else, the long lasting relationships
     that I have come to enjoy as a result of my interest in this wonderful hobby.
     I may, without giving it a lot of thought, sell or trade one of my prized
     collectibles but my friends are there for the long run.


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