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     The following article appeared in Winnipeg's new "DOWNTOWNER" following the
     annual 1984 "World of Wheels" car show.


     Somewhat curiously this autumn bronze and shoreline beige 1955 Chevy returned my
     gaze as I strolled through the 10th Annual Speed Sport World of Wheels Show.

     Unlike Bo Derek's Barriser and King Kong, "Anna" is not flashy, she is quietly
     charming and exudes character and gracious age.

     "Anna" received her first local award in 1981, 1st place for Best Driven 1955-57
     Chevrolets at Rod-a-Rama.  Appearing in only seven car shows, "Anna" has
     captured eleven 1st place and specialty awards.

     Two family members, a 1956 two tone crocus yellow and laurel green Chevrolet Bel
     Air and a 1957 Chevrolet canyon coral and India ivory, proudly accompany the elder

     This year, 1984, at the "World of Wheels" Show "Anna" bows to her 1956 sister
     Chevy who received 1st place for "Late Restored" vehicles.  Bud points out that
     "Anna" is not slighted by this event and that his family takes great pride in cruising
     through Assiniboine Park on a sunny afternoon.

     Whether a car fan or not anyone can appreciate these beautiful classics.  Young and
     old alike relate to stately 210 Chevys like "Anna".

     Many more miles to you and yours Anna.


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