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     In Classic Chevy jargon, it's what they call "Real Cherry".  Loosely
     translated, that means , "It's a beauty".

     Anna "la Belle", as it is more formally known, is a totally original 1955 model
     210 Chevrolet that forms part of the "Bud World" collection.

     Totally original, you say?  Yes, just that.  The entire interior from the
     upholstery down to the floor mats has been there since day one and is still in
     showroom condition.  The car was freshly painted in 1980 but Bud searched
     until he found the same paint formula used in the 1950's: a classy combination
     of "Autumn Bronze" and "Shoreline Beige".  Even the tires, which are new,
     were made from a 1955 mold.

     The car originally belonged to Anna McLellan who used to work with Bud in
     Vancouver.  She drove the car daily for 20 years until Bud purchased it from
     her in 1975 to use as a second car.  But so many people commented excitedly
     about the car that he began to realize he had something very special on his

     Just how special he found out when he attended his first car show in Mount
     Vernon, Washington.  Bud and his wife drove "Anna" to the show, intending
     to be spectators only.  But when the club president saw them parking the car
     he invited Bud to enter it in the show.  He did and walked away with what
     proved  to be his first of many first  place trophies.  That was May, 1977 and
     they were hooked.

     Over the next three years, they removed the accumulated grease and dust and
     topped off their handiwork with the new paint job.  Bud also joined the
     Classic Chevy Club, an international group comprised of over 30,000
     members, all of whom own or have an interest in 1955, 1956 and 1957
     Chevys - all considered to be classic cars.

     By April of this year, Bud was ready to enter his car in the Draggins Rod and
     Custom Club Car Show in Saskatoon where he was then living.  "Anna" took
     first prize in two categories: "Antique Special Interest Post '48" and the "Best
     Paint ' award.

     Just recently, the car won first prize as "Best Street Driven" (1955-57) at
     Winnipeg's Rod-a-rama car show.  That's four "Firsts" out of three shows
     entered, and naturally, Bud is looking forward to the next car show in
     Winnipeg - Auto-Rama, scheduled for Easter of 1982.

     He gets lots of offers for "Anna" but he won't sell.  "Frankly, I haven't seen
     one other car that can compare with it," he says.

     Since discovering the full extent of "Anna's" charms, Bud has purchased
     another totally original Classic Chevy - a remarkably rust-free 1956 Sports
     sedan that he found in an orchard in Washington State.  He estimates it will
     take three years to spruce it up and repaint it to show condition.  "My dream,"
     he adds, "is to have a 1957 convertible," thus completing the set.

     "Anna" presently resides in a spotlessly clean garage, surrounded by license
     plate-covered walls - a collection inspired by "Anna's purchase.  But lest you
     think the car spends all it's time in the dark between shows, guess again.  Bud
     takes his family out for Sunday drives in "Anna" and drives his '55 to car
     shows as well.  "It's so much fun to drive," he says.  "All I've done since I
     bought it is change the oil and add gas.  It drives like a million dollars.
     Everything on it is perfect.  It sure feels nice to call it mine."

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