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 Looking back to where it all began

     I have always considered myself very fortunate to have
     grown up during the mid 1950's.  It was, I believe, a very
     special decade.

     In 1955 General Motors unveiled their new and exciting
     Chevrolet 265 V-8 Bel Air and dubbed it the "Hot One".
     Little did they know that it would become their first
     "Classic Chevy".

     The fifties was also a time of peace, prosperity and very
     simple pleasures.  In 1956 more than 38 million
     households watched the $64,000 Question on television
     and saw Elvis Presley make his first appearance on the
     Ed Sullivan Show. The "Late Great" Jim Reeves  also
     signed his first singing contract with RCA Victor and
     produced his first album "Singing Down The Lane"

     People stood in line to watch Marilyn Monroe, Frank
     Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Elizabeth Taylor star in their
     favourite movie.  And of course everyone loved Lucy.

     And it was a time for real live heros.  In 1956 Mickey
     Mantle earned himself the Triple Crown of baseball, lead
     the New York Yankees to their fifth pennant in six
     seasons and a World Series Championship.

     It was also the greatest decade for the American motorist.
     If you are one of the lucky people who can recall pulling
     into a full service gas station, winding down your window
     and uttering those famous words "Fill 'er up" then
     "Welcome to Bud's World".  I hope you'll stay a while
     and enjoy a nostalgic stroll down memory lane.

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